Celebrity press conference, Joburg

As part of the Anti-Sealing Day observed worldwide today, 15 March 2011,
a press conference was
held in Johannesburg to
create awareness of the annual massacre of around
85 000 nursing seal cubs in Namibia.

Rosebank anti-seal cull
March 2009
Anti-fur groups internationally came out before the Canadian...

Village Walk, Sandton
February 2009

In February we distributed fliers at the Village Walk Centre and Benmore Cardens, Sandton....

November 2008

The first anti-fur protest which led to the formation of FurFree

Who are we?
Fur Free was founded in South Africa in
February 2009, in affiliation with the
International Fur-Free Coalition.

What is our mission?
To strive for the total abolition of all fur farms and the use of fur worldwide;  and, until this is achieved, to work towards ensuring the humane treatment of animals in the fur trade worldwide.


What projects are we
working on?

During our first year, we've been focussing on the following projects:

Atrocities suffered by animals on fur farms
Millions of cats, dogs and other fur animals are subject to horrendous conditions, violent handling and an the most inhumane death, many of them
skinned alive for their fur.


The sale of real fur in South African shops
An estimated
5 400 cats and dogs are killed for their fur in China alone every day. The skins of these and other fur animals are used worldwide as complete garments but even more prevalently in the form of fur trim on jackets, toys, hair trinkets and numerous other products, sold in many South African shops every day.


The mislabelling of real fur
Real fur is often mislabelled as faux fur or by exotic sounding names, and sold to retailers under such false pretenses.


The slaughter of seals in Namibia
Every year, between 60 000 and 85 000 seal pups are cruelly beaten to death on the sandy beaches of this beautiful country just north of our borders.


The slaughter of seals in Canada Every year, Canada's ice floes are transformed from spectacular miracle to blood-soaked graveyard for more than 250 000 baby seals.


Contact Charl du Plessis:
Fur Free and YDE
anti-fur design competition
Contact Nikki Botha:
Special Fur Free Campaign:
South African celebrities pledge to go fur free.
See who!
Mr Price Home
Nicci Boutiques
Babbette's, Pretoria
Sudwala Gift Shop
Hillfox Market
Hydraulics, Sandton
Fur Free is in negotiation with various shops. Some of them have mistakenly believed articles of fur to be faux, and have undertaken to be more vigilant in future, and some have undertaken to phase out their real fur goods. Fur Free is monitoring the situation, and if these shops continue to sell fur, they will be posted on this Wall of Shame.